Sophie Thomsen

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I have lost 10,4 kilos and reduced my fatpercentage with 31,8 procent. But far more important I am a happier mother and wife.


Sophie Thomsen


In February 2012 I left my life in London behind after 22 years…. my husband was relocated to Copenhagen through work. I left my home, friends, my job and colleagues but most of all the city I love and had chosen to live in at the age of 17. My father is Danish and my mother Swedish so coming back to Scandinavia should have been very easy for me. But emotionally I started to feel low and and a bit lost as I had always been working and having my independence. With not working, eating when and what I wanted all day the weight started to pile on quicker than before. The daily lattes soon becomes two or three a day and along with that I start adding a muffin or cake…. I was starting to recognize the signs of depression and remembering what I had gone through at 20 when I was unemployed and in an unhappy relationship.

I have never been what would be considered very fat but I have always gained weight easily and my body shape has changed a lot at various stages in my life. With this my general confidence, mood and happiness has been changing as often as the weight.
I only started doing proper exercise in my late 20s and as I have a bit of an addictive personality it became excessive and when I saw my body get into the best shape ever I kept training 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day. Needless to say, it lasted for a couple of years and then it became less frequent and when I was pregnant with my son at the age of 35 I stopped almost completely. I was lucky enough not to put on any extra weight as I had no appetite and felt sick most of the time so had very little weight to loose once he was born.

Since his birth my weight started going up again very slowly, the worst kind of weight gain as you hardly notice it, 2-3kg a year perhaps… At least when it’s Christmas or you go on holiday you can deal with any gain straight away as you are very aware of it.

After a couple of month in Copenhagen I was speaking to a friend who had just finished the Boot Camp and looked fantastic and told me great things about it. As I didn’t have anything to commit my time to this was a chance for me to start changing my ways forever and maybe get myself out of this yoyo lifestyle I had lived all my life. As I mentioned earlier my competitive and addictive personality really got something to deal with and I have loved every minute of doing the Boot Camp. Everything I was taught and advised in those 3 months was of course things that seem obvious and make complete sense and I should have been able to do by myself but if its that easy then why didn’t I?….

Beginning of last summer my husband asked me what I wanted for my 40th birthday and the answer was easy for me. Even though some of my friends and family thought this was a very strange birthday gift to choose I thought it was the best thing ever

The Boot Camp has been such a fantastic experience for me and its not just because of the weight and shape change but also having done something for myself for the first time in many years . My family has gained from this too, a more positive and happy mother and wife and generally healthier eating habits for all of us. It also helped me avoid getting into a situation far worse than being out of shape…